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Many things I read in “pop media” are more like brain beer for me - tasty, relaxing, refreshing, makes me go ahhhh….but also sort of lulls my brain into a groggy, tired stupor that makes me slur incoherently, and I have to read much more of it than is healthy in order to get revved [...]
I’m moving this book review over from the archives of my old site to bring it “public”. God Laughs and Plays Churchless Sermons in Response to the Preachments of the Fundamentalist RightBy David James Duncan The author of The Brothers K and the River Why I was sent this book by the publisher, through Adam Walker Cleaveland, many thanks. [...]
David has a poem over at the ooze, I forgot about it until sonja mentioned it actually - - so thanks sonja check it out here.
* The Externally Focused Church shall henceforth be referred to as EFC. “Our world is still open to a Gospel it can hear AND SEE. The real Gospel is two-sided - it’s truth and proof.” Jesus himself demonstrated this model of preaching and doing. While most churches certainly do not intend to be internally focused and most would [...]
I’ve been reading The Externally Focused Church by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson and so far, it is FANTASTIC. It’s actually quite profound in its simplicity and very encouraging for anyone who is working to lead an externally focused congregation or anyone who wants to become more externally focused. I’m going to try to blog through [...]
I LOOOOVED this book. I listened to it on audio book (audio books are very good for stay at home moms who are also in the car a good bit) from my ipod. One thing I really appreciate about Bell is that he makes very logical statements and draws radical conclusions. I need to buy the [...]