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I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. There is a new blog out there that explores Christian Feminism from a Biblical and positive perspective. Check it out This is from the about page. what is christian feminism? why don’t we start with what it is not. christian feminism is not about hating men. christian feminism is [...]
I do layout and design for a woman’s literary magazine that seeks to provide a safe space for expression of honest womanhood in all it’s raw and varied forms. I’m proud to be part of this venture and am privledged to lend my skills. I am also honored to be friends with the inspiration and [...]
Taking a cue from Sonja, I’m going to link to the most popular posts according to Google Analytics. They’re not necessarily the most “active” in terms of conversation but they’re the most often read as far as I can tell. Enjoy I’ll be back after the new year with exciting and life changing [...]
Heather Kirk Davidoff over at the emerging women group blog kicks off the conversation with a few GREAT ideas of her own. If you’re so inclined, go over there and add your own ideas in the comments. Please dont’ comment here, go there instead. Thank you. Heather writes, “I’ve been seeing way too many comments here [...]
I issued a challenge to progressive men who say they want more women’s voices heard to listen to this woman on the radio show, Speaking of Faith, and these friends have taken the challenge - check out their comments and then (esp. if you’re a guy) accept the challenge yourself and encourage others to do [...]
I’m going to take my last post a step further and issue a challenge. I’ve been in conversations recently where the men in the emerging christian movement are saying “but we DO include the women, we DO want more female voices”… So men, here’s your chance. I want to encourage you … challenge you in [...]
One thing that frustrates me so much about radicalism in any form especially in Christianity (and by radicalism I mean what has come to be known as fundamentalism - a misnomer but … none the less…) is the voices that are lost. There are so many amazing Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox voices I never [...]
We’re in such a crazy time of labels in flux aren’t we? Evangelical, Post Modern, Egalitarian, Feminist, Christian, Emergent, emerging, missional, liberal, conservative, fundamentalist…and on and on it goes. All of these terms are from an era that is moving into another era and have been corrupted by time and humans inserting their own motives [...]