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Alright, the time has come to seriously discuss this magazine idea I and others have. I created a google group for discussion. If you are interested in providing your input and being involved in this project, please email me, the group is by invite only. makeesha at gmail dot com I’m excited and terrified hehe
photo by alexkon The attempt to codify “emergents” is getting almost laughable. The whole “they are…”, “they think…”, “they don’t believe…” started out being not a big deal - just ignorance right? Then it got offensive, then just plain annoying and now it’s just funny. I can see all those trying to peg us down running [...]
I’ve thought a lot over the past few years of writing a book targeted at “emerging christian parents” - speaking to the parents and also providing resources and tools to help them in the spiritual education of their children. There have been several things lately that have made me sit up and take notice, but probably [...]
There’s a good conversation going on over at Mike’s blog. I really liked this from his comment to Karl. At this point it just feels like a semantical game to say whether something is “evangelical” or “emerging” or “historic, orthodox Christianity”. Who cares who gets the claim it?! If folks in the emerging church say “We’re [...]
Emergent Gathering reflections 2 Go here for part 1: How I lost at Pac-Man and defeated big Bible hill Photo taken by Daley Hake One of the problems I have with a few of Emergent’s critics is that they’re STRONGLY entrenched on the outside of the conversation. They write opinions based on what they’ve heard someone say and [...]
Ok, so I’ve talked a bit about my experiences with Emergent and the emerging church and my attempt at explaining how I think most of us look at faith and spirituality and why there exists such a rift between emergents and traditionalists. Here is the series Part 1 an aside Part2 an aside 2 Part 3 an aside 3 Part 4 an aside [...]
As a human I am post modern As a post modern, my religion is Christianity As a Christian I am a post charismatic (not anti charismatic) post evangelical As a post charismatic post evangelical, I am emerging in how I think about my faith and spirituality As an emerging post charismatic post evangelical emerging Christian I am part of [...]
Ok, this is primarily for my benefit but also so that my friends out there know I’m still alive…sort of. I have my finale to my knowledge and experience series in my drafts - -it will be along shortly. It’s THAT GOOD *sarcasm* I have TONS of thoughts from the gathering - working titles include: *emergent incarnates hope [...]