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The short version:

Makeesha Fisher is  the co-leader of Revolution missional faith community in Fort Collins Colorado, organizer of the N. Colorado Emergent Village Cohort, Executive Editor and Co-Founder of GENERATE Magazine, Creative Director of get born magazine, freelance graphic artist, volunteer at the Northern Colorado AIDS Project and volunteer tutor at CSU International House.

Makeesha worked in a variety of church ministries for 15+ years - preaching/teaching, administration, church planting, youth, children’s, arts and media ministries. She has also worked in graphic design and publishing for 12+ years.

She was born in Fargo, ND and lived in ND, NV, MT, MI, CO, OK and CA. She married David Fisher (actor, writer and all around swell guy) in 1999, lived in Hollywood for 3 years and moved to Colorado in 2001.

The Rest of the Story - in my own words.
Who I am now:
I am mom to 2 amazing girls, wife to my beloved, my lover, my best friend (David), servant to an amazing, unique and ever-evolving faith community (Revolution), a lover of truth, hater of injustice, a reader and writer, a knitter and lover of color and texture, a thinker and poet, a graphic artist and an armchair theologian. I enjoy meeting new people, networking, drinking wine, scotch, vanilla lattes, reading mystery novels, taking hot baths, watching scifi tv and smoking the occasional clove cigarette on a chilly misty afternoon.

I love, live and serve in Fort Collins, CO. I am connected to the broad and deep friendship known as the Emergent conversation and find community there.

I am an INTJ, I don’t like insincerity and am a bit notorious for my blunt honesty. I flounder often and fail frequently but occasionally I have moments when I soar and can see my life and the world for the amazing creation it truly is - a creation touched by the hand of God and saturated with his/her works.

Who I was: The church was my bubble from the moment my parents “got saved” while watching the 700 Club when I was a baby. Most of my Christian experience happened in “word of faith” pentecostal evangelicalism. I served in churches as a volunteer from 5th grade on. As an adult, I was a paid children’s ministry coordinator, media ministry co-director, arts ministry co-director, youth ministry volunteer, college ministry co-leader, assistant “pastor” and helped plant a couple churches with my husband…amongst other things.

After some amazingly wonderful experiences and many abusive and painful ones, in 2001 I began a different journey - one outside the church bubble - and have never looked back. I discovered “the world” is not scary and is not doomed. I have seen God’s fingerprints in many unexpected places and felt her breath escape from many unexpected mouths.  I have no credentials, I am not well known, I have never been published, have never worked in corporate America and I’m pretty sure I’m not an authority on anything.

Who I hope to become: I dream of world travel and far flung exotic adventures. I dream of doing things that lift others (especially women and children) out of oppression and fear.  I love public speaking and networking and maybe some day I’ll get the chance to do some of those things.  My faith is, as always, emerging and in process. I am a spiritual seeker who has come far enough to know better than to think I have it all figured out.

This is my story - just remember, it has no end.

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