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Peter Rollins on the Emergent Church

This is a great conversation and worth sharing (ht Jonathan) Peter Rollins Explains Emergent Church Movement

Explaining Emergent Churches - Inner Compass from Calvin College on Vimeo.

Here are some of my favorite thoughts (paraphrased) -

If you are seeking the meaning of love, do what lovers do, if you are seeking God, go do what followers of God do.

And of course, I continue to enjoy his definition of a leader as one who refuses to lead.

Jesus teaches a love of excess. If we hear God say “carry the pack 2 miles” and we establish that as our “Truth”, when we say “ok God, I carried the pack 2 miles” we think we’ll hear him say “well done” but we’re more likely to hear him say “why didn’t you carry it 3?” So then we walk away and carry the next pack we find 3 miles expecting God to say “well done” and what we’re likely to hear him say is “why didn’t you carry it 4?” The point isn’t to find out what God wants from us, the point is to keep going, keep loving in excess, keep demonstrating radical hospitality…don’t focus on some mythical line drawn in the sand.

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