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do women REALLY have a choice?

Perception Is Reality - Feminists for Life of America - Pro Woman Pro Life

Does a woman who is pregnant really have a choice on campus? Or is she forced to choose between having a baby and sacrificing her education and career plans?

Do parents, who are keenly aware that their education has a direct impact on their ability to take care of their family, have the resources and support they need and deserve in order to complete their education?

Our questions began after a Feminists for Life board member revealed her pregnancy in college and said, “Without housing on campus for me and my baby, without on-site daycare, without maternity coverage in my health insurance, it sure doesn’t feel like I have much of a free choice.”

As she traveled to campuses across the country, FFL’s President Serrin Foster realized that she had never seen a visibly pregnant student-or faculty member. In response, FFL held our first Pregnancy Resource Forum in 1997. After moderating Pregnancy Resource Forums for more than a decade, Foster knew this was not an isolated problem.

We wondered, what would student leaders from Ivy League, top state, private and religious universities and colleges, activists who were not in a crisis situation, find out about resources on their campuses?

In order to determine what students perceived about their schools’ resources and support for pregnant and parenting students, Feminists for Life launched its first-ever nationwide Pregnancy Resources SurveySM in the fall of 2007.

The students’ revealing answers to our comprehensive study are unveiled in Feminists for Life’s groundbreaking study, Perception is Reality. >>

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