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Another best of missional

Andrew Jones, as always, has some great thoughts. And because he’s just too cool for school AND came late to the synchroblog party (something to do with no internet in Aberdeen but I think he just wanted to get the last word in *wink*), he gets his very own “best of” post. Here are some excerpts from Andrew’s contribution:

I love the word missional but it still has some problems: (*my note: I agree with these problems by the way, esp. number 4 - number 4 was this vague sort of concern that I had when reading some of the other posts in this synchroblog)

1. It is often dumbed down by people who confuse it with “evangelistic” or “mission-minded”
2. It has often been purged by some evangelicals of its connections to the global mission movement (read ‘Ecumenical’) and given a newer and more acceptable face.
3. It has sometimes been co-opted by aggressive and competitive white males to drive resources to the programs that beef up their own churches.
4. It suffers from a compulsive activism, as if God was a workaholic who constantly drives on his team and never rests from his labours.
5. It lacks an immediate connection with worship which might be the flip side and a necessary balance.


mission is God’s initiative and the church is a participant in this mission rather than the originator.

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  1. sonja — June 25, 2008 #

    heh … I also loved those points. But while I appreciated the break out, I see that 3,4 and 5 are all sort of part of each other. They walk together in a way. Sometimes they are separate, but mostly you find them in standing around talking to each other in a group. Number 3 got them together. Now they go around telling everyone they know the right way to do things.

  2. david — June 25, 2008 #

    sonja.. hilarious! and too true.

  3. Mak — June 25, 2008 #

    LOL..that is so true.

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