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Missional defined and in other news

On June 23, 32 bloggers (and counting) are going to attempt to flesh out what missional means to them. This is far more valuable to me than one person summing up a scholarly response in an obtuse paper or book. I encourage you to join in and/or read the blogs. Rick is keeping an updated list going and you can comment over there if you want to join in the fun.

I’m hoping this will be motivation for me to get writing again. Oh, and to update you, the trial I was testifying in was canceled - my guess is the guy plead out.

In other news - Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads and esp. to my own daddy who I love and admire so much and to my hubby who is such an amazing man and father to our little girls. And in other other news, David is up to 172 pages on his book and is almost finished (90 thousand words or something crazy like that). I’m so proud of him. Praying that it’s not excruciatingly painful to get it published. (it’s hard sci fi if you’re curious - fiction)

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