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Rose speaks to the issue of power more specifically in the evangelical church construct. Since I’m on that theme, I thought I’d share the love.

I believe when this kind of change is on the horizon, the people that hold the power must be willing to step aside and make room for those very ones that have been without access. This means when you have an all male board of directors, a few of them would give up their vote to qualified women. It means that if you are a woman with access to power in the existing system you lobby for the women who are as our founder would say are, “doing the stuff” and you hand them the mic so to speak. Does this come with a cost, you bet it does. This kind of change does not come without the cost of someone giving up their “rights” their “place” for the sake of the “other” think Jesus.I am hopeful that our movement can have the courage to make the necessary change structurally to give women access.

Rose Madrid-Swetman » Change, Power, Access | Random Thoughts, Stories of Life, and Questions About the Journey.

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