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I have really been enjoying preaching at Revolution for this past year. I’ve also enjoyed listening to others preach. We emphasize participation - not just preach and then talk but encouraging feedback throughout the whole “teaching time”. The other nice thing is that our teachings are short - more of what I would call a [...]
I think every… post modern should have to talk to a modern about … well… anything at all really emergent should have to talk to a traditionalist about theology young person should have to talk to an older person about “life these days” missional person should have to talk to an isolationist about the Gospel person of one denomination should [...]
By the way and for the record, I’m doing fine, just not inspired lately. I will need to post here for conversation and when I have something to converse about I will certainly do that hehe. No need to worry about me Blogged with the Flock Browser
I have set up shop at tumblr - which will be my main hub. This blog will still be here and I might reserve it for long articles or something - - not sure yet. But I like the way tumblr functions and I pointed my name domain to it - makeesha.com I feel like [...]
I have no idea when I’m going to actually have something to write, I’m just in a slump I guess, but if you’re interested, this is my message from Sunday