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Of all that was done in the past, you eat the fruit, either rotten or ripe And the Church must be forever building, and always decaying, and always being restored. TS Eliot I can’t remember who posted this quote, I think maybe Julie.  I love it and think it’s very true on many levels - both for the church and [...]
My frustration with the church is not unlike my annoyance with clowns. I like the person just fine until they put all that stuff on, then they sort of freak me out. (I used to have that t-shirt by the by) Tags: church
International Women’s Day 2008 The voice. loud quiet strong timid high low vulgar pious …from deep in the belly …from the shelf of the womb …from the seat of the soul …the voice forms sound wraps around passion entangles itself around concerns flows in and out of values wound tightly the voice generates heat light energy …remaining there it begins to burn …burn into the bones …until the very marrow is on fire the voice bubbles up when silenced, the [...]
A little something I wrote last night. I feel grumpy today - lots of walking no workout for 2 days busy week volunteer interview tutoring kid stuff work stuff got peed on today while helping 3 ESL kids with fractions and sums that was fun hard to focus on 364+539 with a wet lap and a screaming toddler next to me my almost 6  year old is now saying no like she [...]
This came in my reader today, it’s fantastic and I encourage you to read the whole thing.  A world whose favored thesis just a few years ago read, “the personal is political” is now chasing the idea that “the global is local.” Conferences on global change, global development, global needs, global politics, global economics and [...]
Vital Voices Home Page International Women’s Day is dedicated to the celebration of women’s social, economic and political achievements worldwide. In the United States, this official day of observance is rooted in women’s efforts to campaign for rights to work, vote and hold public office, culminating on March 8, 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New [...]
David (my amazing husband) has a new blog. His old blog he felt was a product of his past on the shore, and it’s time to produce something new in the deep water. Be sure to change your links and reader www.imaginationconversion.wordpress.com
He Would Challenge Power, Not Run for ItThis is of course an impossible question, like ‘If the sun were to rise in the west, would it be green or blue?’ In other words, by agreeing to the terms of the question you make it impossible to give an answer based on anything other than highly [...]