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Advent Reflections: Day 10-11 baby hugs

Luke 2:4-7

My baby isn’t so much a baby anymore…technically. She’s almost 2.5. It’s hard to believe that this time next year I’ll have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. We’re not having any more babies (when we adopt we plan to adopt a slightly older child) and sometimes I get a little nostalgic about the newborn phase. I loved the newborn phase.

One of the most profound things for me during this time is thinking about the God-man as a baby. Thinking about Mary, probably with the aid of a midwife, possibly just with the help of Joseph - pushing out the Messiah. Thinking about Jesus as this goopy, wrinkly, smooshed-faced, squalling little alien-looking creature (if you’ve observed a baby being born you know what I’m talking about). Thinking about the adoration Mary and Joseph had when they looked at him all wrapped up sitting in that chiseled out rock or “manger”.

I think about my own babies getting a little older - doing all those wonderful little things like grasping my finger, looking up at me with intense knowing of who I am and how important my role is in their lives…and laughing. Oh those first baby laughs. The first time Shayel (my oldest) laughed, I got weepy, it was so beautiful. A laugh that came out so pure and free from guile or sarcasm or irony. A laugh that served no other purpose but to express joy - joy that she probably didn’t even realize she had.

And then the first hugs - sudden, random, for no apparent reason tackle pounce hugs. Hugs that squeeze out everything that’s bad and squeeze in the beautiful innocent love of God himself. Baby hugs are the best. I won’t ever get tired of getting hugs from my “babies”.

So today, hug someone… for no reason, give ‘em a hug that squeezes life into the both of you - and remember the innocent love and pure beauty of the God-man Jesus as a baby.

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  1. Julie Clawson — December 12, 2007 #

    love the picture

  2. Paul — December 13, 2007 #

    “a puking mewling baby” as a friend of mine likes to remind me as evidence that God cares about the material universe.

    I’m all for the hug plan, esp life giving ones :)

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