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it’s an orange kind of day

I’m not sure why but this is how I feel today. Doesn’t really match my pumpkin orange sweater but my mood is just sort of ambivalent. Which means I probably won’t get anything productive done.

Oh, but in better news, here is my new tattoo - on the inside of my right forearm. Pretty cool eh? And you might be able to see in the pic that I switched out my nose piercing, I’m still getting used to it, we’ll see how long I go before switching back to the post.

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  1. Reba — November 26, 2007 #

    Love that tat. I have one on my left inside wrist and one of the back of my neck. I want to get another one on my right wrist.

    What is the significance of the one you got?

    Also it took me almost 5 months to get used to my nose ring. I took it out recently. Wishing I had not. I miss it!

  2. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    it’s hard to say what the significance is since celtic designs are pretty much just made up meaning hehe.

    my husband got the same tattoo so it’s sort of representative of our love and ministry together - those birds are usually used in marriage symbolism because they mate for life. Also, birds are often (in celtic lore and hebrew symbolism) used to represent vision/the prophetic. And of course the trinity symbol is in there. But mostly I just dig the design hehe

    I want to add some floral knotwork to it working around and up my arm a bit someday. I plan to get one on my back of a phoenix and I have an affinity for butterflies so if I can find one that isn’t cheesy I might get one of those too.

    I can take my nose ring out and just pop in my stud and alternate pretty much as much as I want. Did you take yours out and put nothing in its place?

  3. Erin — November 26, 2007 #

    I didn’t know you were a tat kind of girl…I like it! Do you have any others? That reminds me, I haven’t ever posted a pic of my new ink…gotta do that.

    I’ve never had a nose ring - always just a stud. Maybe I should try one…might be cool to change it up.

  4. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    hehe…yeah, I’m a mad bad punk ROFLOL This is my first, it took me this long to come up with something I loved enough to permanently stab it into my flesh hehe

    yeah, I wanna see yours - yours too Reba! we should make a collection of christian women blogger’s tats, that would be cool.

  5. Erin — November 26, 2007 #

    Hehe, why don’t you do that? Great idea!

    I don’t doubt that this won’t be your only one for long…it’s a bit addicting. How many does David have?

  6. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    this was his third and he already has plans for 2 more - an addition to the one on his right upper arm and a ship somewhere

    I was talking with the guy who was doing mine about the addiction factor. David had been in the day before and mentioned that I already had plans for a second and hadn’t even finished my first. hehe

    it DID hurt though so it’s a good thing humans have a short pain memory hehe

  7. Erin — November 26, 2007 #

    Short pain memory…yeah that’s it. Kind of like having babies ;-) If we didn’t forget, we’d never do it more than once.

  8. Lori — November 26, 2007 #

    Love your tat, girl. I have 5 and am always planning the next( have to wait til Mar…) It’s cool that you went straight for the forarm… My 5th was on my forarm. Be careful though, they are very addicting. It’s good to put alot of thought into them too, cause they are kinda permanent;-) Love my nose stud too. My Oncologist calls it my nasal ring!!!Hehehe

  9. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    Lori - I thought for a long time that my first would be on my back or somewhere less conspicuous but decided to be brave hehe plus David and I wanted to get it in the same place.

    I wanna see yours too Lori

  10. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    so you knit Lori? you knitting anything fun this winter?

  11. Lori — November 26, 2007 #

    Well, the only thing I knit is scarfs. I’m afraid I suck @ it… I crochet too, but only scarfs;-) But, I make a mean scarf if I do say so myself… I can make afgans too, although I have yet to finish one.:-( Are you makin’ anything cool?

    My husband & I have broken heart tattoo’s on our arm, but there not the same design. They are a tribute to our friend who died. I like tatto’s that have meaning. I like to hear the stories behind them. I’ll try to post mine on my blog.

  12. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    oh, if you can knit scarves you can knit lots of things. All you need is to learn to increase and decrease and you can do hats and barets and shawls and head scarves. There are lots of videos online and Stitch ‘n Bitch is a great book. Or the happy hooker for crochet. I just finished a bunch of hats and a shawl and I’m working on another shawl, a beret, a couple more hats and I’m hoping to knit up some chenille stockings before Christmas. If you want to knit more, let me know, I have a bunch of extra needles I can send you.

  13. Lori — November 26, 2007 #

    Oh you are to kind. I have lots of needles and hooks, & I have been lookin’ at some yarn. Istarted beading, so haven’t been doin’ much of anything else. I love to knit & crochet with my daughter, and she just picked it up again, so we’ll have to check out some new books;-) Thanks for the tips… To bad you live so far away:-(

  14. Mak — November 26, 2007 #

    I’ve been eyeing some prayer beads - let me know if you ever wanna work out a trade.

    yeah, it is too bad we live so far away, I knit in lots of circles around town, I could help you knit and you could teach me beading - - i’ve been thinking about that as my next craft to learn.

  15. Ché V. — November 27, 2007 #

    Hi Makeesha.
    I followed the link from Erin’s blog.
    I’ve come here to visit now and again…like alot of what you have to say.
    I love the tattoo…and as it’s alot like what I’m looking to get, I have to ask..did you find that design online? Or is it original?
    And if you found it online, or one similar…where?
    I’m trying to find a phoenix, in celtic detailing as an armband…but am finding it hard to even come close to what I picture inside my head.
    Any directional pointers would be most appreciated.
    Thanks. :)

  16. Mak — November 27, 2007 #

    Actually, I got it from a clip art book. Dover puts out tons of different celtic designs clip art books. You can get them from Barnes and Noble in the art section and they’re about $13-$15 and come with a CD. I’m a graphic artist so it was a double bonus for me since I now have them for my work too. There are other celtic design books that aren’t Dover as well.

    Another option is the book of kells coloring book, that’s actually what we went to B&N to find (it’s about $5) but they didn’t have it in the store so we found the ones we got. There’s also a really cool phoenix at istockphoto.com as well - one of the ones there is what I’m going to get on my back.

    Also, if you find one you sort of like, your tattoo artist should be able to do a custom one for you - that’s what my husband had done for his phoenix.

  17. lori — November 27, 2007 #

    hey, Mak, I loveprayer beads. Check out the book pearls of life. it’s a little book about prayer that includes prayer beads. The author is a Swedish Lutheran priest, and he has a story about the beads and why he came up with their meanings. It’s pretty cool. We have tried to find similar beads to make our own, but it’s hard. We did make some for our kids, they love them…

    You can find some great books that can show you how to bead, and if you have a bead store close, they are usually more than happy to get you started. Let me know if you start, it’s lots of fun…;-)

  18. Julie Clawson — November 27, 2007 #

    Very nice. I haven’t worked up the courage to get one anywhere publicly visible yet. maybe someday…

  19. Barry — November 28, 2007 #

    Nice tattoo! I’m a regular reader of your blog, though I haven’t commented much (if at all) up to now.

    My own Celtic tattoo can be seen here:

  20. Geoffrey — November 28, 2007 #

    I am not a fan of tattoos, but my wife keeps on telling me she wants one. I keep telling her to do it instead of talking about it (she’s been saying this for ten years).

    An interesting aside. A young woman (20) who can be considered a late-youth/young adult leader of our church recently got a tat on her foot. It is extremely cool, although I had to carry on about it, because that’s what people expect. Anyway, a member of the church called my wife over the weekend, incensed that someone who was in a position of influence in the church would get a tattoo, a woman no less. He quoted some scripture or other of which I had never heard, and went on about how such defiling of her body was anti-Biblical. My wife tried to talk to this man, but as these things go, it didn’t go over very well.

    I had never heard any of this, to be honest (growing up mainstream, and being just a tad further to the left than Vladimir Lenin, these aren’t things that came up too often in the circles in which I traveled). Is it possible to enlighten me, or was this man spouting nonsensical BS? Help this poor, left-leaning Christian, please.

  21. Mak — November 28, 2007 #

    I’m sorry your wife had to endure that - that sort of BS gets me pretty worked up when people behave that way.

    I’ve heard people use certain verses to say tattoos are “unscriptural” or “ungodly” or whatever. If a person wants to use the Bible in that fashion, it’s not hard to do. I can actually find verses that I could proof text to show that tats are indeed very scriptural…but I wont’ do that cuz I don’t use the Bible in that way.

    good for you that you didn’t grow up in that “world”, I envy you. It’s a pathology that’s hard to shake. Honestly, with people like that I would just say “you sound very concerned, I appreciate your concern and trust you to live out that concern in the way Christ would. thank you for expressing it, I expect to not have this conversation again with you” *click* as you can tell, I have little patience for such mistreatment of God’s Word. ;)

  22. Lori — November 28, 2007 #

    Leviticus chapter 19, verse 28, which says:

    You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD.

    However, only nine verses earlier in the same chapter (Leviticus 19:19) the people of Israel were also commanded to avoid mixing fibers in garments:

    Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you.

    So, if someone chose to consider a tattoo sinful, then they would have to toss all their cotton/polyester clothing too!

    Interesting how we tweek the Bible to fit our “convictions”. I think we could find anything in the Bible to fit our agenda!!!

  23. Mak — November 28, 2007 #

    yes indeed Lori, you can.

    I certainly understand that people have strong feelings against tattoos or piercings - some people even find it repulsive. I get it, and I don’t really care :) Some people are disgusted by women who wear pants too, I’m certainly not about to start wearing skirts just because I offend someone’s sensibilities. So I’m cool with people who say they think it’s wrong, just don’t prooftext the Bible to make your position stronger - it’s an affront to God’s Word.

  24. Lori — November 28, 2007 #

    Well said Mak;-)

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  26. Reba — December 3, 2007 #

    Here are my tats:

  27. Reba — December 3, 2007 #

    I did not put anything in the hole. I let it heal. Though I can still see where it was. The same with all my ear piercings. If I ever do decide to get my nose again it wont be hard to know where to put it!

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