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Notable Quotable: Rose Madrid-Swetman

HT: Kay
In line with my post yesterday:

Being missional is not having a cool service. Who cares what band you have? I’m so tired of caring about what the meeting looks like. But what I care about is are you being the new humanity, and the presence of Christ in your neighborhood?

- Rose Madrid-Swetman, via John’s Blog

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  1. kathyescobar — November 4, 2007 #

    i was in the session where rose said this. what those guys are doing is amazing & extremely inspiring to us this past year as we have started the refuge. they have a really cool community and actually we crashed at their church, sprawled all over couches & floors during off the map. they were so hospitable, generous, open-handed with their facility. it was lovely. what i think is beautiful about what they are doing is that they are deeply invested in partnering with community agencies–not just faith based agencies (that is not that hard to do, really) but all the government & community agencies that are committed to caring for those in need in all kinds of different amazing ways. it takes such long haul work to do–to really show up and spend time in relationship with others in the trenches and value their work, learn from them, and have no christian “agenda” other than “being the new humanity, the presence of Christ in our neighborhood.” if we are doing that, thankfully there will not be enough time or energy or money left to worry about a 1 hour a week service.

  2. Mak — November 4, 2007 #

    very good point.

  3. John Smulo — November 4, 2007 #


    I was in the session that you and your husband shared in. I loved hearing your story. You guys rock.

  4. Mak — November 4, 2007 #

    Kathy DOES rock, I’m lucky to live close enough to get to see her :)

  5. Mike Clawson — November 4, 2007 #

    Rose rocks! Her husband Rich is my church planting coach, and I got to crash at their house last year during the Off the Map conference. Wish I could have gone again this year.

    Thanks for the quote Makeesha!

  6. Mak — November 4, 2007 #

    I would have loved to have gone as well - but we couldn’t afford another conference after the Gathering - and since the Gathering was driving distance it was more doable. One of these years I’m going to make it to Soulerize, Off the Map AND Emergent hehe

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