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Alright, I gotta say it


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  1. ed c — October 25, 2007 #


    Are you thinking about removing this post from your blog after last night?

    Though I have to come out and say that I’m a Philly native, and so New England sports teams don’t mean all that much to me compared to Philly. And of course Philly got drubbed by the Rockies, not as bad as the Rockies got trashed by the Sox, but drubbed nonetheless.

  2. Mak — October 25, 2007 #

    NO NEVER! I will continue to say it GO ROCKIES! it’s just the first game my friend, early times yet.

  3. Maria — October 25, 2007 #


    Condolences. Really. I will admit to being a born and bred Red Sox fan (though lately I’m only faithful in the post-season). Here’s to a more interesting series we can both enjoy watching! And to being friends after no matter what happens.

  4. michael bells — October 28, 2007 #

    I am in mourning along with you
    so sad

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