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please pray for Shayel

She seem to have gotten something in her that doesn’t agree with her. She has been vomiting for about 3 hours now and has nothing in her tummy to throw up any more (dry heaves are miserable no matter what, but for a 5 year old they’re torture). No other symptoms so I have no doubt that this will be over with by the morning but in the meantime it’s just rotten. Please pray for a swift recovery from this and that none of us catch it if it’s a bug. Being away from home and sick just sucks for everyone and David and I really don’t want to be sick at this conference nor do we want our kids sick of course.

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  1. Anita Wright — October 2, 2007 #

    Praying for you all:)
    Teagan had an upset like that quite a few months ago and I remember how difficult it was to watch her struggle with the dry heaves.
    Hang in there and hopefully this will pass as quickly as it started.

  2. Erin — October 2, 2007 #

    I’m sorry Mak! I’ll pray!

  3. Marsha — October 2, 2007 #

    oh no, as if it weren’t bad enough but to be away from home, too. I am so sorry!

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