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tagged again

Thanks to Erin, I will be sharing 7 things I do for fun.

1. go to coffee shops: the more eclectic and funky the better esp. if they have open mic nights and/or poetry readings.

2. read: I like historical mystery, theology, pop lit, suspense/thriller, philosophy, poetry, short story/essay

3. be creative: I haven’t done enough of this lately but I like to do things that stir my creative juices and make my muse work for a living. scrapbooking, altered or deconstructed journals/books, writing, graphic design, photography

4. listen to music: I have very eclectic music tastes. I listen to electronica, jazz, lounge, blues, classical, a little opera, world/international, “new age”/ambient, liturgical and worship, alternative rock, some country, some r&b…just about everything but metal. I can even tolerate a bit of rap here and there if it’s lyrically intriguing.

5. converse: it’s true, I do love to talk. But I also love to listen. Mostly I enjoy respectful, honest, though provoking dialog. Even better is good dialog at a nice pub or coffee shop.

6. go for walks with my friends and/or family

7. study/learn new things: I was one of those kids who did well in school and actually liked it. I like to study, to listen to lectures and to learn new things. I have even been known to buy a math text book and go through it on my own just for the mental stimulation

You’re all tagged…hehe….pick a different “theme” for your 7 (how about the 7 places you’ve lived or your 7 guilty pleasures)


  1. Erin — June 27, 2007 #

    Makeesha, I’d have coffee and convo with you any day if I could!

  2. Bonny — June 29, 2007 #

    You are, like, my fun little sister!

    R says that my ‘eclectic’ tastes in music is just proof that I’m extremely moody LOL

  3. Mak — July 3, 2007 #

    Erin - that would be so fun!

    Bonny - hehe…little eh? ;) well, I’m not moody so pthhhh

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