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Shayel was never into dolls much. Which is interesting given her propensity for imaginative place almost exclusively. She plays more with figures and barbie sized dolls but not baby dolls.

Aliyah is into puzzles and building and things like that much more than Shayel ever was/is but she also really really likes baby dolls. She has recently gotten much more intricate with them too - - getting the wipes out when she pretends to change the diaper, singing to them and shushing them while bouncing them around in her arms, nursing them, putting them on the potty…and even occasionally putting one in time out hehe

One thing I have found particularly interesting is the dolls that the girls choose to play with and want to buy. Aliyah seems to prefer dolls with darker hair and skin and Shayel always chooses light hair and light skin. Shayel has my fair skin and freckles with blonde hair and my blue eyse so it’s no surprise. Aliyah is a bit different because she has David’s hazel eyes that change color depending on the day (sometimes gray, blue or green but always with flecks of brown) and his darker skin but also has blonde hair.

When she pulls out the Groovy Girls box, she almost always chooses the girls with tan skin and dark brown hair. Shayel ALWAYS chooses the girl with ivory skin and almost white hair.

…just interesting

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  1. Anita — June 22, 2007 #

    T goes for the blonde hair, blue eyed, ivory complexion too yet she has auburn hair and dark, dark, brown eyes.
    We are still making our waldorf doll but wen we first go the kit we had to reorder the “skin” because it wasn’t light enough!

  2. Marsha — June 24, 2007 #

    You know, that sounds like my two. Well, I don’t know abut the coloring of the dolls. But A is into imaginary play all the time, and really didn’t play with dolls that much.
    Ri is into “how things work” she likes pegboards and latches and spent 20 minutes yesterday playing with the plastic top from a McDonald’s cup, punching down those little buttons on top.
    and she LOVES babies! She makes them cry and loves on ‘em and wipes their bottoms, and gives them binkies, and puts them in strollers and so on. She has more babies than A ever did.
    Isn’t that interesting?

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