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it’s a sideWALK dummy!

It was almost 10:30pm. My kids were FINALLY asleep allowing me to go do my run. I almost didn’t go but I’m determined to run a 5k at the end of August and a 10k in May and if I don’t keep going I’ll get lazy. So I went. I was pretty happy with myself. The interval workout was tough but I did it even with too much food in my stomach from a late dinner.

Ok, so let me set up my title for you with a little background. I live in a medium sized college town. I live on the campus of Colorado State University. Fort Collins is very very bike friendly…as far as US towns go anyway. There are bike lanes everywhere…and esp. in my area around campus.

So here I am, running along, workout podcast blaring through my ipod headphones and there are bicycles, BICYCLES! on the sidewalk. The sidewalk people. MY SIDEWALK. Now, mind you, I see this constantly. It’s nothing new. But when I’m running, I DO NOT…I repeat, I DO NOT want a bicycle barreling behind me taking me totally off guard and practically hitting me as he swerves around me, when there is a bike lane RIGHT FREAKING THERE YOU IDIOT!  And I’m even walking on the correct side of the road…which for the US is the LEFT. This means that there is a wheeled vehicle going very fast on the LEFT side of the road on the sideWALK for the love of pete. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!

Six bikes folks, count them SIX during my run passed me on the sidewalk.

I ride a bike. I never ride on the sidewalk. I have never had a reason to. EVER. Not only is this annoying, it is very unsafe. Ride your damn bike on the RIGHT side on the BIKE LANE or don’t ride at all….good grief people.

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  1. Dan — June 19, 2007 #

    As a fat man who really only walks on the paths, i get super annoyed with the bikers that don’t follow the rules of the road. If you ride a bike it is a licence for being histrionic.

  2. Mak — June 19, 2007 #

    I had to look that one up Dan - thanks for the abnormal psych lesson ;) I’m not sure how the sexual seduction works there but knowing you, you’ll work it in somehow ;)

  3. sonja — June 20, 2007 #

    The thing that most people don’t know is that a bicycle is considered a vehicle. You are actually under an obligation to ride it on the road and obey the rules of the road that motor vehicles obey. A bicycle is a non-motor vehicle … think about it. Sidewalks are for bi-peds and quadri-peds … NOT vehicles.

    I used to ride my bicycle to and from work (way back in the day). It was a point of honor with me that I never, ever rode on the sidewalk. I always rode with traffic. In Washington DC. In rush hour. Of course, I also used to go bar hopping on my bike too … but that’s another story ;)

  4. Mak — June 20, 2007 #

    sonja - I know, so either people don’t know that or they ignore it…but considering that there are lanes here with giant stencils of bikes painted on them, I have a hard time thinking that people don’t “get it”…at least not that many.

    I took bike safety every year of elementary school - maybe they don’t do that anymore.

  5. Atalia — June 20, 2007 #

    Something else that a lot of bikers are really bad at are riding in the correct direction on the correct side of the road, my mom has hit 3 bikers, and I have almost hit 2 because of this. Luckily there was always a witness to testify to this!

  6. Mak — June 20, 2007 #

    what is with these people?! good grief.

  7. anita — June 22, 2007 #

    Be careful with the bar hopping on a bike. I actually had a friend in Greeley, get a ticket for a BUI. Yes it’s true, a B-U-I, Bicycling while Under Influence.
    I think if you can get a BUI you should also be able to get a ticket for reckless bicycling or something else of that nature.

    Maybe you should start running with a stick Mak {insert evil grin}
    How could my baton get in between your spokes sir from the sidewalk to the bike lane??? Hmmm, that is a mystery. LOL!

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