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For those who aren’t aware, we have always planned to have 2 biological kids and bring a third into our family through adoption. This will probably happen in the next few years. We haven’t really talked about it with Shayel yet because she has a horrible time with things in the future - - she just [...]
I can’t believe I didn’t talk about this (I don’t think I did anyway) In April, Shayel lost her second tooth (bottom center). She lost her first tooth when she was 3 (shocking I know). It was so funny though because she came to me saying that her tooth wasn’t loose anymore. I looked inside her [...]
Whilst searching for international blogs I found this Indonesian blogger who said this Don’t let your voice echo[es] only in your backyard. I think that is very well put.
So….looking through my blog feedreader (I use google btw, I tried bloglines but went back to google), there is a very clear “preaching to the choir” trend. Almost all the blogs I read are on the same wavelength as myself. I have a couple Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic ones in there as well as [...]
These are amazing pictures taken by a new friend. See all of them here.
We had a lovely time with Sonja and her hubby on Saturday. They were visiting here in Colorado and we enjoyed lunch and some time in Old Town Fort Collins. They are really neat people with a great sense of humor and a clear love for being the church. We had some great conversation and [...]
No Impact Man posts some great thoughts about whether or not the ability to have everything NOW is progress. When I was studying Eastern Orthodoxy (purely for my own academic pursuit), fasting came up quite a bit. The EOC has many different fast and feast days coinciding with the Church calendar and other rituals and rites. There [...]
Thanks to the naked pastor for laying it bare and beating the crap out of it. I’ve created and tried to sustain vision in the past, as well as press its importance on the church. And I’ve seen those visions crush people and myself, especially when the vision is destroyed and proven empty. Friends say, “Well, [...]