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Our family went to City Park to enjoy some music and peruse the sustainability booths for earth day this year. We also got the treat of watching a family of geese swim around the “lake” in city park. here are some shots of the day. Shayel started dancing to the blue grass band and when she did, [...]
Wow, hard to believe. Shayel turned 5 on April 20. We did a few little things for her throughout the day but her “friend party” will be a week from this Sat. when we will have a tea party with 3 of her closest girl friends. She had her well check yesterday to prepare for starting school [...]
there really is nothing better than being digitized.
Ariah has a great post about equal pay day today. I quoted most of it below but be sure to jog over to Ariah’s blog for the personal slant and a good graphic. Today is Equal Pay Day, a chance for Women (and the men around them) everywhere to stand up and demand that our bosses, supervisors, [...]
Mini golf, go carts, video games…is there any better way to have fun? I think not. boondocks fun March 2007 on Vimeo
I think I have an unnatural love for artichokes - - the fresh kind - - the real kind - - that you put in a big pot and steam and devour by dipping in melted butter, scraping off the meaty flesh from the tips of the leaves until you get to the sweet heart [...]
This came up in an email discussion recently and I’d like to process it here for the benefit of many of you whom I know can relate. My husband and I were talking last night about how “dumb” we feel sometimes because people look to us for systems and plans and we just don’t always have [...]
To this. SOOOOOOO bad.