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straight from the heart of God

This from TSK (Andew Jones) is beautiful and prophetic, thanks Andrew :)

God is doing a new thing in this country and those with blue collars will have special honor.
And I know He loves white collars also and has used white collars in church leadership for hundreds of years in this land.
But blue collars? Ahhhhhhhhh . . . thats something new.
So if you have a job where you spend the final ten minutes of your day washing gunk off your hands

or putting away the tools of the laborer,
or your watch says Casio and not some Swiss guys name,
or you live in a trailer,
and you couldn’t afford to go to Seminary,
and you can see the road through the floor of your car

. . . then
you have special honor and favor in this new thing God is doing.
And you wont have to switch from Dunkin’ Donuts to Starbucks
and you wont have to change your mullet to a side parting
and you wont have to swap your Eddie Bauer for a Georgio Armani.
God will use you to LEAD and this leadership will not have to sit at the feel of white collars to be appreciated.
Be free.
Be free to lead and serve.
God loves your blue collar.
Be grateful for the state in which God has called you and play it out where you are and how you are.
There is a reason for it.

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