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Four things  about Ethiopia that I reaffirmed/discovered after going to Nyala, an Ethiopian restaurant yesterday with our Revolution folks (owned by an Ethiopian family): 1. Ethiopian people are stunningly gorgeous and our waitress was no exception. She was also the sweetest and most attentive waitress/waiter I have ever had 2. their spiced tea with milk is on [...]
So, Revolution has officially split off from our parent church - - except that it wasn’t really a split, it was more like us (well, my husband since I don’t think I was ever recognized as an official leader being a woman and all) getting removed from leadership, the college/career ministry getting absorbed back into [...]
I had a “snooze” dream this morning — you know,¬† the time after you hit the snooze button and before you actually get up - well, my alarm is my kids and my snooze button is sippies of hot chocolate and TV that my dear husband sets up for them. So anyway, in that short time [...]
wow, I get back on my blog and see that I’m on a list. That’s pretty cool. But I see I’m listed as makdaddy — that must be thanks to my dear friends John or Paul I prefer queen of the world but for now I’ll go with Mak.———————- Brother Maynard has come up [...]
I know I’ve talked about this before but I came across this personality profile today in my email folder and read it again - it is so accurate it’s creepy.
This is great stuff from Bono but this line at the very end is what really got my attention: (Note: While the book includes numerous passages of Bono discussing his Christian faith, it also includes occasional salty language from both parties.) Oh Christianity Today - God bless ‘em.