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my dream about ryan bolger

I had a “snooze” dream this morning — you know,  the time after you hit the snooze button and before you actually get up - well, my alarm is my kids and my snooze button is sippies of hot chocolate and TV that my dear husband sets up for them.

So anyway, in that short time I had a dream that I was at home and my kids were playing outside and Ryan Bolger came over. He was talking about how he wanted to create a network of leaders in the emerging/missional community and he wanted to set up a 1.5 year long leadership formation time to prepare all of them to further advance their call. He wanted me to be in the group and he also made a joke about getting t-shirts made with Brian McLaren’s face screen printed on them as well as “Talking Head” across the top. The funniest thing was that Bolger kept rubbing his stomach and making these snoring sounds and mentioning how tired he was. When I woke up I realized those snoring sounds were actually my husband who was really snoring (which he rarely does).

For the record, I have never met Bolger and in fact, I don’t think I know what he looks like. But somehow I just knew who he was in my dream. *ok, so after looking at Bolger’s picture, in my dream, he looked sort of like what he might look like clean shaven.

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  1. Brother Maynard — March 26, 2007 #

    That’s too funny. Love the t-shirt idea… I’m picturing Brian McLaren cast as Che Guevera. I think I might buy one!

  2. John Smulo — March 26, 2007 #



    Dreaming about Ryan Bolger. Um.

    Sounds like a great dream Mak. Hope it comes true, minus the snorting sounds :-)

  3. Ryan Bolger — March 26, 2007 #

    I had the same dream. Well, no, but I wish I did…
    I’ll get the T shirts ordered… :)
    The snoring is probably pretty par but I’ll have to ask my wife about the rubbing stomach bit…

    Something to add to the ‘ooohhhh, weird, we’re all connected but I don’t know how list’:
    Every day when I make the kids lunches I write their names on the bags — my daughter’s initials are M.R. and my son’s are L.J. It gets pretty boring writing their names on their bags everyday, so I put other names on them — it livens things up a bit…
    my daughter’s lunch today (that I made last night) read ‘Makeesha Rae’…(and I don’t know any Makeesha’s)…

  4. Mak — March 26, 2007 #


  5. Paul — March 28, 2007 #

    nah with the snoring would be much more fun :)

  6. Mak — March 28, 2007 #

    interesting anyway hehe

  7. Mak — March 29, 2007 #

    Ryan - - now you know me hehe…that’ is pretty creepy.

    Sorry you’all, for some reason a bunch of posts got moderated and I didn’t know it.

  8. Ryan — March 29, 2007 #

    I like your style — just putting it out there. A few years ago I had a weird dream about Doug Pagitt before I knew him. It had him doing all sorts of rude things. I sent him an email about it and he posted it on his blog —
    For a long time, it was always the post that came up if someone googled my name…

  9. Mak — March 29, 2007 #

    Thank you Ryan, that’s a high compliment coming from you :) That’s so funny about your dream.

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