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Really good two posts from the Blind Beggar. First a letter giving us a picture of first and second century Christ followers that is not only interesting but truly revolutionary. Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs. They do not inhabit separate cities of their own, or speak a strange dialect, [...]
Let your alms sweat in your hands, until you know to whom you should give. I love this. I think the message of waiting on God for direction in the arena of financial giving is a crucial one to grasp. Information on the Didache from Wikipedia: The Didache (Διδαχὴ, Koine Greek for “Teaching”[1]) is the common [...]
This is a really neat reading plan for Lent - esp. if you are generally unfamiliar with the writings of the “Church Fathers”. *required a pdf reading device. Thanks to my online friend Beth for the tip.
I like provocative
…who knew? Can’t Handle the Proof By Ben Witherington Can’t Handle the Proof We demand the evidence, A clear and certain sign, We show no bit of reticence Ask God to please divine. Here a little miracle, Or there a stellar light To shine upon our darkness And give us all insight. But what if God’s not hidden, Not remote or too aloof, What if we’re just blind And cannot [...]
j_christ Hosted on Zooomr I like what the Eastern Orthodox Church says about fasting. Taken from this site: Fasting from foods is intended as spiritual preparation for an experience of deeper communion with God. Each person is a unity of body and soul. A right spiritual diet and a discipline of fasting go together and strengthen each [...]
here’s a final note on Stetzer’s seminar. in paraphrase: the Church has been committed to equating godliness with looking very different but in fact we live the same. We should be committed to looking similar but living very different. Gospel commitment leading to cultural relevance thoughts?
Evangelism is the only truly valid motivation to plant a church, not because you’re sick of everyone else’s church. (paraphrase of Ed Stetzer about American church planting) I think that’s a very good point.