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Aliyah’s 1 year stats

Ok, so I’m a bit behind. I think I have an excuse ;)
Aliyah was 32 inches in length (off the charts)
19 lb. 11 oz. (25th percentile)
and her head circ. was 17 1/8 inches.

In other words, she’s what Dr. Sears calls a banana - as she grows in length, she does not grow proportionately in weight. The doctor wasn’t concerned per se but since she’s been consistently dropping on the weight charts since 6 months, and we don’t want her growth overall to suffer, she said she’d like to see her at least remain steady at the 25th-ish percentile.

The hard thing is that she’s still nursing but not really getting much and she doesn’t like to drink anything but water. Of course the doc. said that to get her to drink other things consistently might mean completely weaning her…which I disagree with. I actually think the main reason why she dropped was because she started crawling and then walking since her last appointment AND, along with that increased activity came a decreased desire to sit and eat. So basically I’m just making sure I stop her throughout the day to graze.

Poor thing had 4 shots (we had to catch up on 1 of them) which made her MISERABLE until the motrin kicked in but after the first 24 hours she was right as rain.

She’s still not really saying anything. She will ocasionally say please. She says “dad” frantically when David comes home…which is very cute. She will say dog and cat sometimes…but mostly she just points, grunts and then gets horribly frustrated, throwing herself on the floor when you don’t understand her. hehe.

She is also a trouble maker. It seems like she’s worse than Shayel but I wonder if it’s just because we have Shayel now so we can’t devote 100% of our attention to Aliyah and we can’t babyproof as much as we did with Shayel. Either way, she keeps me on my toes.

Yesterday she dumped the powder laundry detergent on the tile, the carpet and then her head. I had totally forgotten that she could get into that cabinet and that I had switched to powder detergent. That was much less annoying than a couple days ago when Shayel and Aliyah both decided to dump the baby shampoo onto the carpet and rub their hands in it….THAT was not fun.

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  1. Anonymous — July 30, 2006 #

    hi, marsha here. ainslee was height/weight disproportionate just like your A. She was about 10th percentile, I think, for weight at one year and slipped completely off the charts. When she quit nursing, she did start eating more and more regularly, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I had no guarantee she would have eaten if I stopped nursing, yk? She’s still like 10th percentil for weight and doesn’t eat as varied and regular of a diet as I’d like.
    They are all different. Ainslee looks like me and I was always underweight until recently :). It’s not the worst problem to have.

  2. Erica — August 1, 2006 #

    The girls were just shampooing the carpets before the big move. What’s the problem? They sound like good helpers. ;)

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